Digitalization, AI, Optimization

euroDAO is a company dedicated to providing cutting-edge robotic solutions that are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our latest technologies are designed to help our customers gain a competitive edge in their industries by leveraging the power of automation and AI.

At euroDAO, we specialize in the design and development of autonomous mobile robots that are tailored to our clients' specific requirements. We use a high-performance, flexible and real-time navigation architecture that allows us to accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of our robotic systems. By utilizing advanced AI algorithms, we are able to create highly efficient and effective solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

In addition to our expertise in AI, we also offer solutions based on cloud services, which provide our clients with greater flexibility and scalability in their operations. Our cloud-based solutions enable our clients to access real-time data and analytics, which can help them make more informed decisions and streamline their operations.

We take great pride in our ability to provide our clients with cutting-edge robotic solutions that are tailored to their unique needs. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and continuously improving our technologies to better serve our clients. At euroDAO, we believe that the future of robotics is bright, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.


FRI (Fonds Régionaux d’Innovation)

ESA (European Space Agency) BIC France

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CIFRE (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la REcherche)




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